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We are specialized institution focusing on economic development, agricultural development and sustainable employment, with special attention paid to education and employment of youth, women, non-majority population and marginalized groups in the region of North Kosovo.

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Why us?


Developed entrepreneurship in the North of Kosovo.


Supporting economic development of private sector with business support and advices from specialized experts.


Business competition schemes for start-up companies and individuals.

Our projects

  • Implemented initiatives

    Dental studio Pepić https://www.facebook.com/108513014040731/videos/299730814766595 DDS craft room https://www.facebook.com/108513014040731/videos/649446732589568 Ajana fizioterapija https://www.facebook.com/108513014040731/videos/1174562516213353 Z&M art design https://www.facebook.com/108513014040731/videos/625107538355702 Fantazija Zvečan torte https://www.facebook.com/108513014040731/videos/2693651157582647

    Posted on 11.09.2020

  • Closing event

    Closing event online! We presented the results of our project "Young women, initiators of socio-economic changes" to all important actors of our society! In the next post, you can see what we did and how we did it using modern tools during the project implementation. The project was supported and funded by UNMIK - United Nations Mission in Kosovo

    Posted on 13.07.2020

  • Home sewn face masks

    A short retrospective through photography! How did we manage to organize the sewing, collecting and packaging of 24,000 face masks in 20 days?! Soon, you will be introduced to the details of this fantastic action, designed and supported by UNMIK!

    Posted on 30.06.2020

  • Inspirational talks with Zorica Velkovski

    Inspirational talks with Zorica Velkovska, founder and Project manager; European Youth Award 2019 winner for the mobile app "mZaednica" in the category Active Citizenship as digital solution with social impact!

    Posted on 26.04.2020

  • Engaging women to lead and design community

    Engaging women to lead and design community based solutions to advance social and economic change Application/Serbian Application/Albanian Application should be submitted at info@poslovnicentarzvecan.org.

    Posted on 04.02.2020


    "BUSINESS CENTER ZVEČAN" in partnership with "ELEMENTUM Mitrovica" successfully completed a cycle of 5 training modules organized within the project "PROGRAM OF ENTREPRENEURSHIP FOR WOMEN AND YOUTH FROM ZVEČAN MUNICIPALITY". The participants of the project went through the workshop "Me and Business" and 4 training modules for entrepreneurs ("From Idea to Business", " Managerial Skills ", "Creating Business Relationships and Acces...

    Posted on 04.02.2020

  • "Let's use waste - new models"

    Part of the results of the first workshop, entitled "We are crocheting, to create new products" held under the project "Let's use waste - new models", which is implemented within the project "Empower - Engage - Build Ownership" funded by the European Union and implemented by Balkan Green Foundation and INDEP.

    Posted on 04.02.2020