Business Center Zvecan

Business Center Zvecan is a non-governmental organization , established in 2010 and located in Zvecan,Kosovo. We are specialized institution focusing on economic development, agricultural development and sustainable employment, with special attention paid to education and employment of youth, women, non-majority population and marginalized groups in the region of North Kosovo.


"Developed entrepreneurship in the North of Kosovo"


To create an enabling business environment

Our goals are achieved using several methods and strategies:

  • Supporting economic development of private sector with grants, with special focus on production, services, agriculture and tourism;
  • Supporting economic development of private sector with business support and advices from specialized experts on various issues (business administration, local legislation, access to funding and support, introduction of standards, company development and others);

Training schemes specially developed for our beneficiaries:

  • Training schemes for start-up businesses with special attention to youth, women, non-majority population and marginalized groups. This is especially important, since we consider supporting this population a crucial milestone for further economic development of the region,
  • Training schemes for existing businesses;
  • Business competition schemes for start-up companies and individuals, where they are awarded symbolic grants for development of successful business plans. The participants are further encouraged to seek and create business-2-business links using our partner’s (BiD Network) online platform for matchmaking, which leads to local and international partnerships;
  • Vocational schools and follow-up support to successful participants and applicants (mostly start-up companies). They are carefully monitored in order to ensure sustainability;
  • Cash-for-work short-term employment schemes, mainly dealing with local community initiatives. We find these schemes very useful and effective in an area where unemployment is over 50%.

We cooperate mainly with the following partners:

  • International non-governmental organizations
  • National and local non-governmental organizations
  • Embassies
  • Education structures (University and Schools)
  • Municipalities (local government)

Over the years, we have had successful cooperation with various agencies and organizations, such as UNDP, UNICEF, French Embassy, British Embassy, Netherlands Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Dutch NGO SPARK, Dutch NGO BiD Network, Mercy Corps, Booz-Allen-Hamilton, and other various USAID agencies, etc.

Since BCZ started working we trained around 700 people on various entrepreneurial subjects. Around 300 BCZ clients took part in various study visits organized; around 250 people participated in various round tables and sessions that BCZ organized. As a result of all BCZ activities 61 SME’s were started up, 40 already existing business have grown due to the support received from BCZ, 157 people were employed and 76 clients have started or grown their business, or found employment through various matchmaking activities organized by BCZ.